Mango Madness!


Earlier this year, Sarah made a life-changing discovery … a link that listed the salicylate content of a variety of foods.  (This is an invaluable resource, BTW!)

All of a sudden, I realized why making things with honey nearly killed me, or why cinnamon was equally terrible!  But one of the greatest discoveries of all was to learn that in addition to bananas and PEELED Golden Delicious Apples (and some pears, but I haven’t figured out that one yet) I could also eat one of my very favorite fruits …


Well, not a lot of Mango.  The first week I ate one a day and reacted hard core.  But if I have just one Mango (or two!) a week, my system can handle it.  There are so many great possibilities now available due to this addition, but whether you have sulphite/salicylate problems or not, here is a GREAT, EASY recipe that Becky found for MANGO FILLING.

You can put it in home-made crepes, from-scratch-eggless pancakes, on top of home-made ice cream, in PLAIN GREEK YOGURT or even just all by itself.  I’m wondering if we can use it in cobblers or pies or … you get the idea.  🙂

So here it is!

Becky’s Mango Filling

For Mango Filling: 
Ripe Mangoes -3 cups peeled and chopped(Separated)
Sugar – 1/2 cup
****NOTE: The mangoes HAVE to be ripe.  Overripe is yucky, under-ripe is too sour, perfectly ripe is divine!****

Heat 2 cup of mangoes and sugar  in a pot. Let it heat and cook for 5 to 10 mins till the mangoes are cooked and turn thick.  Stir in remaining cup of mangoes, and your filling is done.

For an Indian twist you can add cardamom to the mix and stuff it in an eggless crepe (minus the vanilla!), as shown in our original recipe source:


SEE?  Isn’t that EASY???

The hardest part is just cutting the mango.  If you don’t know how, here is a refresher:

Thank you Sarah for adding mangoes back into my world, and thank you Becky for finding and adapting this amazing, simple, versatile recipe!



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